Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Together with the organization of Destination Weddings, Fantastica Italia also offers to Jewish families the possibility to arrange the Bar or Bat Mitzvahs for their sons and daughters in Italy.


Italy is one of the European countries where one can still admire a lot of Jewish historic sites scattered all over the country, from the well known Rome, Venice, and Bologna, to the off of the beaten paths southern region of Calabria, located at the tip of the boot, where there is one of the most ancient Jewish sites of Europe, with catacombs and a synagogue dating back to the 4th and 6th century.


To provide the best service to the clients, Fantastica Italia has created an exclusive partnership with the most renowned travel agent in the United States for Bar and Bat Mitzvah organization, and with a bilingual American Rabbi who celebrates the events for our clients.


This partnership gives our clients the following strengths and advantages: 

  1. First-hand knowledge of what the American families are looking for when arranging a Bar/Bat Mitzvah;

  2. First-hand knowledge of how Italy operates and what can and cannot be done:

  3. Because the Rabbi speaks English, the family saves money in not needing an interpreter for the ceremony.


Being a Destination Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, families typically choose between two types of celebration:

  1.  An intimate, only family celebration in Calabria,  followed by a trip throughout the country main sites, where the family creates a memorable travel experience;

  2. A grand celebration in a more renowned city/area (Rome, Venice, Milan) with relatives and friends, where the Bar/Bat Mitzvah becomes the focus of the travel for the entire group.



Italy and US passports


Whatever the choice of each family, in the organization of this special religious and cultural event, Fantastica Italia maintains its core strength: budget fitting trip customization.


In fact our first hand knowledge of the country together with the Rabbi’s deep knowledge of the Jewish sites and culture available in Italy allow our staff to create the best experience according to our clients’ needs, expectations and budget.


Whether you are interested in an intimate, family only celebration or a grand celebration with relatives and friends,  Fantastica Italia would be glad to provide you with detailed information and knowledge about a Destination Bar Mitzvahs.


Note:  Our itineraries are always customized based on our clients' needs and budget so the price varies depending on: type of accommodation (3/4/5 stars hotel, apartment, b&b etc..); dates, activities, and services included. We work with your dates and budget to create the perfect experience for you! Please contact us for your customized quote.

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