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Have you always wanted to visit the Italian home of your grandparents/parents/relatives who emigrates to the US? Now you can, with the assistance of Fantastica Italia.

Our bilingual team will arrange all the details of your visit to your family hometown (or vicinity), including transportation, stay and local guide to take you around and find record of your relatives in the local church or city hall.

We have been arranging these experiences for over 15 years and we can reach any part, no matter how small or remote, of the country.

And the even cooler perk of working with us is that if you still have family/relatives in Italy, we can reach them on your behalf and arrange  meeting between you, so you can learn even more details about your Italian roots.


Just provide us with the information you have about your family and we will take care of the rest!


We’ll help you discover your unique connection to the local people, places and memories of your family.

Find your Italian roots. 

Start planning your trip!

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