Family Vacation

Italy is the perfect destination for kids. Children are welcome in all of Italy’s beautiful destinations, and the small travelers will be thrilled by the color and verve of Italy: the canals and gondoliers of Venice, the cliffs and beaches of the Amalfi Coast, the wonderful piazzas of Rome, the ancient villages Tuscany—and gelato is everywhere. Traveling in Italy with kids is both a trip back in time and a taste of everything that modern family-friendly Europe has to offer.


Here are some experiences that all the family can enjoy:



  • A Gondola ride is always exciting for everyone!

  • St. Mark’s Square – inhabited by pigeons, winged lions, golden horses, and other creatures.

  • The oldest and bravest kids can embark on an adventure to discover the legends and ghosts of Venice.

  • Everyone will have fun making a Carnival mask to take home!


  • Embark on an Artisan Tour to taste the best chocolate and gelato you will ever taste!

  • How about a boat ride to discover Florence from the river Arno?

  • Everyone in the family can learn how to make pizza and gelato from scratch.

  • Visit the Leonardo Da Vinci's Museum, where you and your kids will admire inventions of an extraordinary visual impact, operating and life-size machines, such as the ” war machines ” with the great tank, or the “civil engineering machines” such as the Brunelleschi’s crane and the “flying machines“: you will then walk back through the ambitious dream of Leonardo’s life: the flight.

Italy and US passports
  • Discover the Gladiators and Emperors of Ancient Rome: you can discover the best of Rome at your kids' pace.
  • Have fun becoming a Gladiator for a day: an introduction to Roman History, a description of life as a Gladiator, and the basic techniques of gladiatorial sword fighting. And this is for mom and dad too!
  • A fun way to visit the Vatican!  A Treasure hunt is an excellent way to actively engage your children in the history and art of the Vatican Museums. Your family through the museum with riddles and clues that will reveal hidden secrets in the various artistic masterpieces of the Vatican, with a prize for each child at the end of the tour!
  • After having explored the beauties of the city of Rome, why not become an artist yourself for a day

  • Learn how to make a professional mosaic or ceramic work with the help of our teacher - your kids will learn how to make a vase or a sculpture or to create animals, frames, mirrors, tiles while relaxing and having fun.

Note:  Our itineraries are always customized based on our clients' needs and budget so the price varies depending on: type of accommodation (3/4/5 stars hotel, apartment, b&b etc..); dates, activities, and services included. We work with your dates and budget to create the perfect experience for you! Please contact us for your customized quote.

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