Fantastica Italia has more than 10 years of experience and long-time partnerships with some of the best farmhouses and villas rentals in Italy… for every budget. 


If you're planning a trip to Italy and looking to avoid crowds for a more secluded and unique experience, you'll likely come across the word ‘agriturismo’ which is a farm stay, or a style of vacationing in farmhouse resorts.

Usually room, or room and board, are offered on a wine and/or oil producing property, mountain chalet, or any other type of estate involved in primarily agricultural production activities. Along with  room and board, it’s not rare to find tastings and other activities offered by the property like cooking classes, horse riding and exploring the production areas of the farm.

Staying in an agriturismo means getting in touch not only with the rural world, but also with methods of production, and with older architecture, such as ancient fortified farms, Tuscan villas, country houses, masserie e cascine.

Fantastica Italia offers some of the most relaxing and memorable experiences you can think of: want to try some of the best artisanal cheeses and local wine, while overlooking the Tuscan vineyards from your room? Or what about a Tuscan cooking class, furniture-restoring lessons or learning gardening techniques during your stay in agriturismo?

There is nothing more relaxing after a time of distress, than spending time immersed in nature, tasting, experiencing and exploring the beauties of Italy. 

Below you can see pictures of some of the properties we work with.