Lavender Fields

Beyond Italy:


As one of the largest countries and most visited countries in Europe, France has something for everyone. You will find it has a varied topography, which includes everything from the French Alps to the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean. What’s more, France is a country rich in history, making it home to some of the most famous museums, monuments, architectural feats, and historical sites in the world.

And do not forget its world-famous food, some of the best wines and cheeses are found here. Are you ready to explore?

Let's start with the French capital, Paris! Have you ever dreamed of a romantic dinner on the river Sein or top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Or hoe about discovering the most romantic city with a private guide, to see the less touristy spots and taste the French cuisine delicacies?
At a stone’s throw from Paris and Lyon, the Bourgogne provides a concentrate of all the charms France has on offer: the good life, good food, incredible wines, centuries-old architectural heritage. 
Moving up north, a visit to Mont Saint Michel is a must: where the forces of nature meet the artistry of medieval architecture and Brittany melts with Normandy, there rises one of the first sites to obtain UNESCO World Heritage listing.
Be amazed by the Chateau de Versailles and visit the apartments, the breathtaking Hall of Mirrors, the intimate cabinets, and the dazzling enfilade of other rooms as well as the meticulously manicured gardens.

Gargoyle Statue
Petit Palais
Eiffel Tower
Inside of a Church
Bridge with Gargoyles
Image by Veronica Reverse
Pont d'Avignon
Stone Residences
Image by Joao Tzanno
Image by Colin Watts
Image by Dorian Mongel
Image by Dorian Mongel
Marseilles Port
The Calanques
Take a trip to the Loire ValleyThis fabulous land of vineyards and blooming flowers like lavender (do not forget to visit Provence if you love this plant!) has both riverbanks dotted with more than a thousand of unbelievably elaborate chateaus, and as you follow the 175 miles long route from Sully-sur-Loire in the Loiret to Chalonnes-sur-Loire in Anjou, you can't help but agree the valley deserved its UNESCO recognition. Stretches of scenic beauty enhanced with an immense doze of history.
Explore the sparkling wines celebrates around the world, the Champagne. The region has more highlights than just fizzy beverages. It's a picturesque oasis of tranquility, pristine beauty, and fine historical heritage sprawled over five wine-producing districts with the commercial centers in the towns of Reims and Épernay.
With the choice of locations ranging from the rather family-oriented La Bouillabaisse and the secluded Plage de la Briande to the trendy Plage de Pampelonne, celebrity-ridden Plage de Tahiti, and the naturist Les Salins everyone will find their sun-kissed niche along the brilliant coast of St Tropez Bay. If you'd like to relax by the sea, Cote d'Azur is the destination for you. 


With some of the best cuisine and wines in the world, beautiful castles, amazing history and fields of flowers that will fill your eyes with unique beauty, France has something for everyone. 


Start planning your trip to Europe!