Italian Riviera

Like a pearl set in the lush greenery of the promontory, Portofino is a colorful bay on the Italian Riviera. This center of exclusive tourism today, once a small fishing village.

Next to Portofino you can visit San Fruttuoso Bay. A small cove with intense blue water and a medieval abbey built right on the pebble beach. It will look like jumping back in the past as San Fruttuoso has remained untouched by time, even thanks to the fact that you can get there only by boat or on foot.


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Snorkel in the Marine Park


Have so much fun diving underwater to search for the hidden treasures of Portofino’s Marine Protected Area!



Day trips from the Italian Riviera


A train ride from any town in the Italian Riviera in Genoa, the town where you find a labyrinth of narrow medieval alleys which make together with the largest historical center of Europe, this is the city where you find ultra-centenarian boutiques and food shops passed down from generation to generation without changing a single detail and maintaining their ancient traditions. You can't miss Portovenere then, a hidden treasure with its breathtaking landscapes: explore the “Gulf of Poets”, so-called to remember how the beauty of these places has been celebrated by poets, writers, and artists. You can also discover the Cinque Terre. 

Discover the Italian Riviera


Tour of the picturesque villages in the heart of Portofino Natural Park: Santa Margherita and

Portofino. Santa Margherita Ligure, once called the “salotto” of the entire Gulf with its trump d’oeil painted palaces, will fascinate you. Portofino is a small fishing village that is now the center of élite tourism. You’ll visit the tiny village with its spectacular castle, the church perched on the cliff, and the luxury boutiques. Here you can taste the famous focaccia or have a light lunch in a typical trattoria. San Fruttuoso, an amazing cove with a medieval abbey built right on the pebble beach, restored and protected by FAI, the Italian National Trust. 


Kayak in Portofino


Enjoy a relaxing kayak excursion in the  Portofino Natural Park, which will give you the chance to admire the villages and the beautiful, uncontaminated coast from a different perspective. 


Olive oil and herbs


Among olive and lemon trees, herbs and vines, you’ll meet a local skillful lady who will tell you about the typical aromatic herbs that grow spontaneously in Portofino gardens, such as basil, rosemary, and sage. You will see, touch, and smell the herbs and learn the way local people have been using them for centuries to prepare traditional recipes. You will also taste the local, precious extra-virgin olive oil and discover how it is mixed with herbs to prepare delicious sauces that you will taste with a glass of local wine.


Learn how to make Pesto


 Among olive and lemon trees, herbs and vines, you’ll meet a local skillful lady who will teach you to prepare the famous pesto sauce with mortar and pestle. At the end, you will taste the pesto you will have prepared and some traditional local specialties such as focaccia, paired with a glass of wine from Portofino.​














San Fruttuoso
Cinque Terre

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