One of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan offers many opportunities for chic shopping and some of the best art you can find in Europe. Hit the artsy neighborhood of Brera for leather goods and Via Monte Napoleone for exclusive, expensive boutiques. The enchanting mosaics and glass vaults of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II make shoppers feel like they’re wandering inside a painting. Take a break from your spree to gape at the iconic Duomo, then grab tickets to a performance at La Scala. Don't miss one of the main attractions: Leonardo's Last Supper.


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Visit some of the best art galleries


The Brera Art Gallery is well collected and curated, boasting one of the most comprehensive collections of Italian artists anywhere in the world. You'll see works by world-famous artists like Raphael and Caravaggio; compare their styles to the Venetian masters Titian and Tintoretto and even some of the earlier creators who inspired Renaissance minds; among them Donato Bramante and Giovanni Bellini. For many visitors Francesco Hayes' 19th century 'The Kiss' is a new experience – post-Renaissance Italian art (it didn't end with Michelangelo & Co!)


Hire a Personal Shopper


Milan is definitely Italy's fashion why not hire a personal shopper? You will browse the best boutiques in Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, name it! We can organize special days or half days with your girlfriends, daughter, etc...


Day trips from Milan


Take a day trip to the Lake Region, choosing one of the lakes. Lake Maggiore is the closest to Milan, and the second largest in Italy. Don't miss a visit to the beautiful Borromean Islands, have lunch on the Isola dei Pescatori and visit the Villa Taranto Gardens.  Lake Como is the most popular lake in Italy. Visit Bellagio, known as the pearl of the Lake, Villa D'Este in Cernobbio, and the silk museum in Como. Lake Garda, is the biggest lake in Italy. Don't miss a visit to il Vittoriale, a visit to a spa in Sirmione and the biggest amusement park in Italy, Gardaland.


Be inspired by the Last Supper


Visiting ‘The Last Supper’ is not so easy as you think.. Located on a wall inside a convent, the fresco was long neglected, leading to some damage that authorities are now clambering to undo. As a result, limits have been set on visitors. Only 30 people are allowed inside the climate-controlled room at any time and they may only stay for 15 minutes, after waiting in an air-locked room beforehand. But believe us, it is worth the effort! ​


Take a walking tour through art and design


Step inside San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, sometimes called “Milan’s Sistine Chapel” to discover an unassuming chapel completely covered in stunning Renaissance frescos. Visit the imposing Sforza Castle to learn about the family who sponsored much of da Vinci’s work and brought Milan to prosperity. Stop for a coffee before continuing to explore Milan city center. Walk through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and learn about Teatro La Scala as you pass it, the home of opera in Milan – and a powerhouse on the international scene


Take in the view from the Duomo roof top


The Duomo of Milan is the largest church in Italy, and it took almost six centuries to complete, but it was worth it every day. You’ll be able to walk the whole way around the structure on three different levels to admire its arches and sculptures up close and personal. Forget about Paris’s Notre Dame – this is easily the most fascinating church roof in the world.



Have dinner on tram! 


Trams have always been very popular in Milan since the 1920s. You can experience an evening ride on a vintage tram serving up dinner with wine, run by the ATM transport authority. 


Visit the Sforza Castle


You'll leap back in time to the 15th century; when the Sforza family ruled the city and, as patrons of Michelangelo, brought us some of the world's greatest art. Here you'll see the armory, admire the huge collection of art, furniture, and musical instruments and, most exciting of all, Michelangelo's last great masterpiece, the Rondanini Pietà.


 Be intrigued by the bone chapel 


Just a stone's throw from Milan Duomo, there is a very interesting chapel, decorated with human bones from an old hospital cemetery. You don't see many ossuaries these days so any visit is special, but this one is particularly so, with a beautiful 17th-century fresco painted on its ceiling.












Last Supper
Sforzesco Castle
Porta Romana, Milan
Park, Milan
Borromeo Castle, Lake Maggiore
Lake Como
Lake Garda

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