Puglia, or Apulia, the spur of the Italian Boot, is an enchanting region that spreads lengthwise along the sea - marvelous beaches that will delight every traveler, from the sandy Torre dell'Orso and Porto Cesario, to the rocky, boulder-encrusted Riviera of Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca. Sea lovers have multiple options in Apulia, from Gallipoli, the “Gem of Salento,” to Gargano, “Italy's Buttress,” which protrudes out into the clear sea, where one finds the beautiful Tremiti Islands. Apulia offers a wide range of places that testify to the ancient origins of this land: from prehistory to Magna Graecia, from the Imperial Age to the Renaissance and the Baroque splendor of Lecce and of Salento. The trulli, for example, those of Valle d'Itria, offer an evocative testimony to the rural past of the region.



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Have the most romantic dinner on the water 


Open only during the summer months, this restaurant is created inside a vaulted limestone cave, looking outwards toward the sea. 

Imagine the sound of water crashing against the shore as a gentle sea breeze hits your face. Wine in hand, Italian food en route and good company… yeah sign me up.


Explore the white city and taste the olive oil


Picture a sea of bright white buildings clinging to a hillside, surrounded by thick green countryside. The area has been inhabited since the Paleolithic Age, but the "White City" was developed in the 12th century when Ostuni was under the control of the Normans. The beautiful downtown historic houses have white washed facades and flat roofs. Taste some of the best olive oil you have ever tasted! 



Day trips from Puglia



Don't miss a trip to the Tremiti Islands, a small island chain that contains a compact yet diverse microcosm. Three are the islands - San Nicola, San Domino and Capraia - and together with some impressive rocks, they constitute the Marine Reserve, a real wonder of nature for diving enthusiasts. But really, all who happen here will be awe-inspired by these waters. Caves, gorges, and sea fans - all relics of a distant past when these parts were crossed by trade routes, they represent the best that can be offered to those who love exploring under the sea.

Famous for its medieval Sassi district shaped like a butterfly and lying along the slopes of a deep ravine, Matera in the in Basilicata Region,  will take your breath away. You will easily understand why such a unique settlement has been declared a World Heritage UNESCO sites and has been a natural setting for about 30 movies.







Stay in a Trullo in Alberobello


Alberobello draws visitors from around the world for its unique trulli dwellings. These cone-shaped drywall houses, built in the 14th century, are regarded by UNESCO as remarkable examples of prehistoric construction techniques that still survive nowadays. So don't miss staying in one of these unique accommodations today.


Taste some of the best bread in Altamura


Discover Altamura considered one of the most beautiful regions in the world, according to National Geographic.
Stroll around the heart of the city to discover hidden cloisters, the symbolic places of social and cultural aggregation, nobles palaces and mansions and ancient churches. The highlight of the experience will be a tasting of famous local products (olive oil, burrata) and of course the internationally renowned Pane di Altamura! The recipe remained the same during the centuries: the Pane di Altamura is an Italian bread with the D.O.P. (denominazione di origine protetta) nomination. This means that its name and its origin are protected.


Be adventuros and explore the caves


The beauty of the Caves of Castellana attracts tourists from all over the world and since the day of their opening have marveled more than 15 million visitors. You will explore caves going down almost 200 feet deep in an amazing scenario made of stalactites, stalagmites, concretions, incredible shapes, fossils, canyons, and caves with fantastic names; calcifications from conformations and amazing colors solicit the imagination of children and adults.



Did you know you can surf in Puglia?


Whilst not well known for its board sports, you may be surprised to hear that Italy, and especially the Salento region in the south, is a haven for windsurfers, kitesurfers, surfers and SUP (stand up paddle) surfers.

The long winding and diverse coastline of Salento provides perfect picturesque settings and ideal weather conditions to learn and practice your surfing skills.


Explore the Baroque


Lecce is rightly acclaimed as one of the capitals of the Baroque and the most beautiful baroque town in Puglia. The Broroque is a style that here has acquired unrivaled originality and exuberance due to the skills with which local architects and stonemasons worked the soft, malleable pink-tinged local stone.














Torre dell'Orso, Salento
Trulli, Alberobello
Matera, Basilicata

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