Rome wasn't built in a day - and you'll need much more than a day to take in this timeless city. The Italian capital city is a mix of piazzas, open-air markets, and astonishing historic sites. Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, contemplate the Colosseum and the Pantheon, and sample a perfect espresso or gelato before spending an afternoon shopping at Via del Corso. Enjoy some of the most memorable meals of your life here, too, from fresh pasta to succulent fried artichokes or suppli - fried rice balls.


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Ride a bike on the Appian Way


Hop on a bike and make stops at the Colosseum and Forum and explore several ancient churches, and various tombs and ruins as you travel down the ancient cobblestones of the Appian Way. On a bike, you will have perhaps the best views of Rome's ancient hills, as well as the Aurelian walls that surround the city. 


Jewish Heritage


Follow a Roman Jewish in a walking tour of the Jewish Museum, with its rich collection, the main Synagogue – the largest in Rome - and the Ghetto with its beautiful Fontana delle Tartarughe, the Portico d’Ottavia and the medieval buildings.


Day trips from Rome


Take a day trip from Rome to the harbor city of Ostia Antica in which the ancient buildings, stunning frescos, and gorgeous mosaics have been excellently preserved over the centuries. 

Located just 30 km from Rome, Tivoli is perched on a hill looking out onto the beautiful Roman countryside. Visit Villa D’Este and view the mesmerizing Renaissance architecture, beautiful fountains, and vast gardens that surround the estate. And don't miss Villa Hadrian. The Roman Emperor chose to build his magnificent Villa near Tivoli. Here he could relax, away from the Roman mob and the flattering courtiers, and spend his time hunting. 

You can't miss a trip to Colli Albani on the Roman Hills to taste great wine, experience the fraschetta dining option (prosciutto, lard, mozzarella, porchetta, mushrooms, roasted name an authentic atmosphere), explore lake Nemi and see the small towns.


Day tour experiences to Tuscany,Pompeii and Amalfi Coast are also available from Rome.

Explore Caesar Palace and the Colosseum


Beyond the well-traveled trail of the Palatine Hill lies a narrow walkway leading to one of the most important discoveries in the Eternal City: the home of the Roman Empire’s very first emperor, Augustus (Octavian) Caesar. Explore what few visitors have seen before. 


Have dinner with a local


Want to experience what a truly Roman dinner is? Barbara will invite you to her home in Trastevere and will cook you typical dishes. She will tell you about traditions, seasonal ingredients and what Romans like! Way better than a restaurant!


Discover Rome from a different prespective..underground!


Visit the best and quietest Rome catacombs, the Catacomb of Santa Priscilla. One of Rome's first underground Christian cemeteries, with extraordinary ancient frescoes. But this is not can stop at the Capuchin bone crypt, a cemetery literally built from bones! The chambers are decorated with the remains of some 4,000 friars. Then descend through the layers of Basilica di San Clemente.


Get to know Rome ..through its food


Explore one of the best local markets in Campo de Fiori, make your own pizza and taste some of the best Espresso,   wander through the lively neighborhood of Trastevere to taste porchetta, suppli, and many others dishes before visiting the Jewish ghetto..and taste its ancient and amazing cuisine.

Enter a well preserved Domus Romana


If you find your imagination stretching to picture Rome as it was millenniums ago, this is the right experience for you. In 2007 archaeologists discovered ruins of ancient villas underneath the building that hosts Rome's Provincial Administration. Domus Romane, a 20,000 square foot complex with two 4th century AD patrician villas and the remains of a private thermal bath situated next to Trajan's Forum in the heart of Imperial Rome. Using multimedia, the ruins come alive with sophisticated light shows that recreate what the villas would have looked like. 


Visit the Vatican before (or after) the crowds and go even beyond


Visit the Vatican Museums early morning before all the crowds or after hours, for a magical night experience. Do you want to see more? You can explore the Gardens and the Pope's summer Estate in Castel Gandolfo.













Trajan's Market, Roman Forum
Piazza Navona
Spanish Steps
Villa D'Este, Tivoli
Ponte Milvio
Vatican Museums
Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy
Villa Borghese

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