There is never enough time to discover the amazing Sicily; full of history, natural beauties, art, and a great culinary tradition. Even if you stayed for the whole month we are sure it would not be enough time to see the most interesting, beautiful, enchanting and breathtaking things and sights that Sicily has to offer. 


Here you have some ideas Fantastica Italia can help you plan!

Explore the Baroque


The Baroque area of Sicily, whose heritage, both for importance and for beauty, has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Arrive in Ragusa Ibla and then will continue to Modica and visit the Arnica Dolceria Bonajuto, the oldest confectionary shop of Sicily and taste the famous chocolate of Modica, made with only two ingredients cocoa and sugar. Head then to Noto, once destroyed by an earthquake and now one of Sicily's most beautiful baroque cities. 


Discover Taormina with a Vespa


Taormina is famous for its charming streets which have been immortal. Get ready to relive that time in an unforgettable and stylish experience with vintage Vespa, you will travel the characteristic back roads of the historical center to reach and visit the famous Greek Theatre. After a stop to taste some typical almond wine, produced with locally selected almonds and orange essence.


An adventure on Mount Etna


Mount Etna is one of the greatest and beautiful volcano adventure destinations in Sicily, not only for the volcanic phenomena but also for the breathtaking views and the different kinds of vegetation visible during the ascent, you can choose to hike or take a jeep to the top, to see the breathtaking summit craters, before going back down to enjoy a glass of wine in a local winery.  

Don't forget the islands...

When you think of the southern jewel of Sicily, thoughts of ceramics, citrus plants, arancini, white sandy beaches and pasta alla norma immediately come to mind. What you probably don’t think of are the series of satellite islands that surround the big island. Off the northern coast of Sicily at the port of Milazzo are the more popular Aeolian Islands, made up of Panarea, Lipari, Stromboli, Vulcano, Filicudi, Alicudi and Salina. To the west are the lesser known Egadi islands made up of Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo off the coast of Marsala and Trapani. Finally, off the southern coast, closer to Tunisia are the islands of Lampedusa and Pantelleria. These islands are still rather untouched by commercialism and tourism--in a good way, and offer a raw, savage beauty. 

Taste Palermo


Visit the Capo market, the oldest in Palermo, where we will see and taste the famous Palermo Street Food as panelle, arancine, crocchette and Pani Ca Meusa. Admire colorful stalls featuring an abundance of fruit, vegetables, seafood and meats as the sellers' cries bid for our attention. Then visit Palermo, stretches along a beautiful bay on the Tyrrhenian Sea: you'll be amazed by the city's wide boulevards, traditional Sicilian Old Quarter, and baroque palaces.


Drink some unique wine in Selinunte


Visit a winery founded n 1995 on the banks of Lake Arancio and is surrounded by vineyards and a native olive tree grove.You'll taste four different wines during a typical Sicilian lunch. After lunch visit Selinunte Archeological Park the biggest one of the Mediterranean Area.


Explore two UNESCO World Heritage sites in one day


Be amazed by two of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Start with Valley of the Temples in Agrigento,  a magnificent collection of seven ancient Greek temples from the 6th and 5th centuries BC, nestled among olive trees on a ridge near the sea. After you won't miss Piazza Armerina to admire the stunning floor mosaics of Villa del Casale, World Heritage since 1997.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Harvest in Castelvetrano


In Sicily, the olive harvest begins late fall when the olives are mature but still green. Nets are placed under the trees, and baskets are brought to collect the olives using traditional techniques. In the afternoon you will bring olives to the oil press where you can see how oil is produced. Your work is rewarded with a tasting of oil with bread, garlic and oregano. Lunch at a country house, and enjoy a cooking lesson and you will learn how to prepare typical Sicilian dishes.


Siracusa and Ortigia: greek and roman influences with delicious food


Siracusa, one of the highlights of a visit to Sicily. The ideal way to view Syracuse is on foot. You will visit the major archaeological sites, including the famous Greek Theater, the Ear of Dionysius, and finally, Ortigia Island to admire the architectural splendor of ancient medieval streets, baroque structures, and classic churches as the Duomo, built upon the old temple of Athena. Stop for lunch at an amazing historic Salumeria and then meet Corrado Assenza, the master of all Sicilian pastry chefs, who will delight us with his amazing and unique pastry creations.











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