Traveling to Italy off Season

When you think of Italy, you probably think summer, beach and sun right? Let us tell you something: Italy is beautiful also during winter time! Yes, temperatures drops and it is chilly but doesn’t lose any of its charm. Italy’s off season if filled with plenty of things to do.There are a lot of benefits to traveling to Italy off season and two of the most important are lower prices and less crowds. Here you have some useful info…Fantastica Italia is here to help you planning the perfect winter vacation!​

When is winter off season time in Italy?

November to Easter, excluding Christmas and New Year’s. (Venice Carnevale is high season)

What you will find?

Much smaller crowds that you would normally find during summer. Of course Rome, Florence and Venice won’t ever be desert (unless you try at 3 a.m!), but you can definitely enjoy more every attraction. Instead of being so close to one another in the Sistine Chapel you might actually breath and have a chance to see the David of Michelangelo closer!

Another good thing of winter is the lower prices. Hotels, B&Bs and apartments all tend to lower their rates in the off season, as do airlines.

You will also have the chance to see less touristy things and experience more life as a local.

Also, Italian food is wordily renown and Italy’s hearty comfort food to warm a winter day is something you must try. After a day spent sightseeing, there is nothing better that a dinner indoors with minestrone, pasta e fagioli, and other great pastas, soups and meat dishes with a good glass of wine, grappa and some friends. Winter means also great dessert and pastries: Panettone, (sweet Christmas bread filled with raisins, candied fruit and chocolate), Pandoro hot chocolate and frappe (called also chiacchiere ribbon shapes sweet fried crispy dough) are just a few of the sweets you can only find during the winter months in Italy.

Italy has so many indoor experiences, like exploring some of Italy’s more than 25,000 churches, attend the opera at Milan’s La Scala or Rome’s Teatro Olimpico, to name a few! Fantastica Italia has so many experiences to suggest and organize for you:

  • Visit a traditional botega in Venice during the Carnival, where artisans and artists create and decorate the masks for the famous carnival. After seeing how a papier-mâché mask is made, start making and decorating your own mask to take back home.

  • Taste the most authentic Tuscan foods and wines during a private cooking class: learn how to make pizza, pasta or a typical Italian dinner!

  • Experience the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel in Rome like almost no one else – after hours, when the palaces are at their most tranquil and touching with a unique night tour.

  • Go where few tourists have gone before with a VIP tour, taking you to closed areas of the Colosseum so you can truly experience the magic ofAncient Roman Empire.

  • Experience a one-of-a kind dinner with a local in a private home in Trastevere, to taste the authentic Roman cuisine.

  • Discover Underground Rome to explores the creepy, bone-filled Capuchin Crypt and the Basilica San Clemente.

These are some of the experiences, but we can offer much more!

Unique destinations made to visit besides the main cities are: the Dolomites and Valle D’Aosta are amazing winter destinations to skii, hike and climb and try some great food and wine.

Discover Italy during winter with Fantastica Italia.

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