Don't miss the Riace Bronzes and much more at the Reggio Calabria’s National Archaeological Muse

If you think about southern Italy, you might think of beautiful beaches, great small town and delicious food. All of this is true but there is more: don't forget the great history everywhere you turn.

Today we want to focus on an extraordinary pair of 2,500-year-old, life-sized bronze statues. In Italian, they’re called “I Bronzi di Riace” or are referred to simply enough as “I Bronzi”.

The Bronzi are two life-size Greek bronze statues of naked, bearded warriors. The statues were discovered by Stefano Mariottini in the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of Riace Marina, Italy, on August 16, 1972. The statues are commonly referred to as “Statue A” and “Statue B” and were originally cast using the lost-wax technique.

These amazing bronze creations are housed in Calabria at the Reggio Calabra’s National Archeological Museum which has been undergoing renovation works for several years and therefore been closed since.

The priceless Bronze statues are clearly the museum’s main attraction, Calabria’s jewel in the crown.

But the good news is that the Museum is set to reopen on April 30 2016. And not only with the Bronzi but much more.

A set of extraordinary finds kept in storage for decades and have never been exposed to the public will be displayed in glass cabinets over four floors throughout the museum. This brand new exhibition will include different bronzes, decorated pottery, and jewelry that perfeclty represent Calabria's the ancient history of , from prehistoric era to Greek time to Roman times.

Certainly a visit not to miss.

So make sure to go off the beaten tack and explore!

Fantastica Italia is here to help you organize the perfect trip.

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