Off the beaten path: some of the best villages in Italy

Alleys , houses perched along with a timeless feel: the villages are a priceless heritage for Italy, and it is so nice to go off the beaten path leaving behind the usual destinations like Rome, Florence Venice and discover what Italy is made of.

Hotel reveals the most sought after Italian villages according to Italians themselves. Each with less than 2,000 inhabitants, these charming borghi preserve the authentic culture and history of one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

Here some of the most voted:


Once an old fishing village, the colorful coastal village of Laigueglia is now a quiet resort town dotted with white sandy beaches and seafront cafés. For the best views of the the city, stroll along the promenade and onto the pier overlooking the Ligurian Sea.


Norcia is a maze of alleys worthy to be discovered one by one but if you don’t want to stop for a long time you could be satisfied by crossing his historical centre: come on to the course which from Porta Romana leads to the opposite side of the walls, the road will bring you towards the main square, where you can see, enclosed in the same casket, the Saint Benedict Basilica – of roman origin – and the Palazzo Comunale.


Monte Argentario was once an island of the coast of Tuscany but is now connected to the mainland by large sandbars and lagoons. It's completely different from the rest of Tuscany, having once belonged to both Spain and Naples. In fact, sometimes it feels more like being in southern Italy than Tuscany.

Monte Argentario is wooded and full of wildlife. The mountain is surrounded by beautiful, rocky coastline. It's more wild than most of the rest of Tuscany. Don't miss Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano: great beaches, great seafood...perfect to relax!


Grand Palazzos and churches with impressive frescoes will inspire you to get lost among the cobbled streets of Scanno, a traditional Italian town surrounded by the forest-covered hills of the Apennines. During summer, picnic along the sandy shores of Scanno Lake and come winter time, enjoy some of the finest skiing the country has to offer.

So much to see!! Fantastica Italia!

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