Why is 2017 already looking GREAT? Two reasons…

1) What is the top destination in luxury travel for 2017?


2) Who is being sought out again for travel abroad?


Things are looking way up for both Italy and travel agents alike! With so many articles being published lately regarding travel in general, it seems that both travel agents and traveling to Italy are top of the list...

And we couldn’t help but think this was just the most perfect combination!

Travel Leaders Group recently released its results regarding “Fall Luxury Travel Trends” which was based on a survey given to travel agents for 2017. Italy came in at the number one spot for the next 12 months!!

“The allure of Italy is stronger than ever, particularly with affluent travelers who are seeking authentic, enriching experiences paired with a multitude of very high-end accommodations. Add to that the favorable exchange rate, and Italy is a huge magnet within the luxury sphere for American travelers,” stated Travel Leaders Group CEO Ninan Chacko.

According to Travel+Leisure, most travelers these days are opting for the increasingly curated, unique experiences. “More than just booking air and hotel, agents and outfitters today are arranging customized wine tastings, visits to artisan workshops, and private after-hours tours of the British crown jewels and the Vatican.” All with private transfers/rides if one chooses! With so much information out there on the internet, it's overwhelming to know what's what anymore... total information overload. Travelers looking for a luxurious experience tend to be more drawn to customizing their options abroad. But this is not to say that all travelers aren't made to feel more safe and comfortable in their decisions by actually speaking with someone that knows everything there is to know about a specific destination. Incredible new restaurants, hip boutique hotels, that adorable quaint town one must experience when in Tuscany, a culinary food and wine tasting/experience, all of which add up to a successful and memorable trip! Creating personalized itineraries are what travel agents do best. It allows for all the questions and inquiries a traveler might have...to be answered! As Americans, there are so few vacation days a year as it is, that the train of thought is why risk your one opportunity to experience a specific place? Let the experts help!

USA TODAY's recent article proves that there's a whole range of travelers that benefit from the travel agent connect. The article describes how Millennials, in particular understand that leaving the logistics to the pros may actually save them not only time, but overall expenses! So smart! "Much of the new business is coming from that most sought after of demographics — Millennials. Yes, the perpetually plugged-in generation, which is also the most committed to travel, is willing to give up a little control for good advice, fewer hassles and human interaction...They're going to travel agents to plan for more complex trips or international trips or to places where they have not been. They realize using a professional travel agent can enhance the overall travel experience." - USA TODAY

“People today want hand-picked ideas for their particular tastes and interests. So they are returning to travel agents, relying on their expertise to do the research, the comparing, the vetting, the suggesting of the right place, the right time, the right price, and all those other details the DIY planner may have either sweated for days or forgotten altogether.” - USA TODAY

Hopefully this has given everyone more than a couple of good reasons as to why the use of travel agents and travel to Italy go so well together! Get ready to rent that Vespa!

Call us, we will help you make the most of your trip!

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