Puglia - Undiscovered Italian Authenticity

Puglia, the southern Italian region encompassing the "heel" of the country's boot-like shape, is a region rich in culture, food, and history, though it remains relatively undiscovered to tourists.

Fantastica Italia had the exciting opportunity to visit Puglia this September to experience some of the off-the-beaten-path areas of this unique region!

The focus of the visit were I Borghi piu belli d'Italia, which roughly translates to "the most beautiful villages in Italy". These borghi refer to small towns established around a castle, palace, or even a religious structure such as a monastery during the Medieval to Renaissance eras. Today, these borghi with their small populations and rich history offer insight into the true culture and beauty of Italy from ages past to current time.

For those travelers interested in discovering this area for yourselves, you will enjoy such unique features as:

- Great weather: Because Puglia is one of the most southern regions of Italy, it generally offers warm weather and plenty of sun, though our trip did experience the occasional rain.

- Unexpected treasures: The Borghi piu belli d'Italia focus on preserving the heritage and history of this area. Thus, while visiting a small local museum you can find a full exhibit on articles of which single artifacts have been taken for display at some of the most prestigious museums in the world such as the Louvre.

- Mouth-watering gastronomy: Puglia is an area of agriculture. Therefore, food is fresh, using the ingredients currently in season and locally produced products such as cheese, olive oil, and wine.

- Picturesque scenery: From beaches and coastline to rolling hills of agriculture, to these small hilltop towns, Puglia is truly an area of beauty.

- A warm welcome!: By far, the best experience in visiting such an uncharted area is the hospitality from the locals - a true look at an authentic Italy!

To inquiry about Puglia or to start creating your customized proposal to this off-the-beaten-path area of Italy, email us at info@fantasticaitalia.com or call us at 602 996 4393! We will be happy to help you live what we have just experienced in this little corner of Italian authenticity!

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