A New Discovery in Pompeii!

For the first time ever, archaeologists have been able to cast the complete figure of a horse that perished in the volcanic eruption at Pompeii.

Archaeologists believe the area where the horse was found was, unsurprisingly, a stable. Its size and traces of an iron and bronze harness suggest the animal was a specially bred horse of considerable value.

This is the first time archaeologists have unearthed the complete outline of a horse. From its remains, they believe the horse was an adult measuring around 150 centimeters, on the short side by today's standards, but given that horses were probably smaller at the time, the experts say it would have been exceptionally large for its time.

As well as the horse, they also found the remains of jugs, tools and kitchen utensils, as well as the grave of a man buried after the fatal eruption – which indicates that people continued to live around or on top of the ruins even after the disaster.

Intriguing discoveries continue to be made at Pompeii, nearly two millennia and scores of excavations later. Excavations that will hopefully bring to light other important monuments that further enhance a site already unique in the world.

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