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A honeymoon registry is a simple way to register for various experiences on your honeymoon, from a dinner on a catamaran, to a couples’ massage. Instead of your guests buying something for your home, they can buy you a sunset boat tour on the Amalfi Coast. Basically, guests can partially or fully fund any part of your honeymoon instead of a traditional wedding gift.


These are some of the perks of having a honeymoon registry vs a traditional one:

- You Don’t Have to Worry About Money

You just have to enjoy your honeymoon. Since weddings already very expensive, couples often have to cut costs on their honeymoon, and that is not okay! Your honeymoon is supposed to be the best vacation of your life. If there is ever a time to splurge, this is it! If you do it right, a honeymoon registry can even save you money. You won’t ever skip your honeymoon, right? So why not ask for that as your wedding gift!

- It Is Easier

If you are already super busy planning your wedding, you might not want to add extra stress by looking to create an extensive traditional wedding registry. It takes time and effort for sure! At Fantastica Italia we want to help…just tell us your dates, budget, and dreams. And we will work on planning the perfect honeymoon for you! Start planning here.

- Something For Every Budget

A honeymoon registry is basically your honeymoon divided into different parts. This may include hotel stays, a fancy dinner, a cooking lesson—anything on your bucket list! With items at every price point, it's easy to fund honeymoon adventures that fit every budget and your tastes. You can decide what are the most important items for you and we can let your guests know. Guests can also get together to select a more expensive item or gift any amount of money that will go towards one of the experiences your really do not want to miss.

- A Honeymoon Registry Makes for Memorable Thank-You Cards

A picture of you and your new husband living it up with the experience your guest gifted you, would make the perfect thank you card. Chances are you will already be taking a bunch of pictures of your top honeymoon moments. Did your college roommate give you an unforgettable cooking session in Tuscany? Did your grandma fund your hotel overlooking Lake Como? Print physical photos and include them when you send out their thank-you cards!

- You Can Do a Honeymoon Registry and a Traditional Wedding Registry

More traditional wedding guest (usually older relatives) either may not be tech-savvy enough to get to your honeymoon registry or might prefer to give you a physical gift. Nothing prevents you from putting together a short and sweet traditional registry with some of the things you may really need as a backup option for them.

So don't waste any time and start planning with Fantastica Italia

to get an idea of everything we can offer!

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