Stay in an ancient Roman Castle


The Castle was an Etruscan then a Roman settlement and it has remained within its boundaries for over 1000 years. There is a great tradition of winemaking here: these vineyards are mentioned in a manuscript that dates back to 1150 and is preserved in an Abbey nearby. You will be able to tour the historic cellars, explore the vineyards, and indulge in the breathtaking scenery.


Make bread, see how cheese is made in a working farm


This is perfect for the whole family! You can experience the local traditions linked to rural life, having a chance to take part in it. Make pizza, bread, see how cows and goats are milked and how cheese is made. The ingredients used are all produced within the farm.


Bike and taste great Gelato! 


What could be more Italian than…..Gelato?! This bike ride features everything you could dream of: beautiful Tuscan countryside, dotted with olive trees and vineyards, a visit to an artisan Gelato maker followed by a tasting of up to six of their ice creams and then down, along the most beautiful (and longest) downhill in the Chianti Classico region! (this experience is possible from Florence too!)



Don't forget to try some Brunello di Montalcino


Visit a beuatiful Estate where San Giovese trails are grown and taste some of the best osso di Montalcino, Lemartine, Madre, Brunello, Altero and Brunello Riserva.



If you would like to stay in a Villa in Tuscany we have many options to fit your needs!

Discover the Chianti Region in a Day


Florence is a good starting point to visit some of the best sights in Tuscany. In a small group tour or a private tour, it is possible to enjoy the greater Wine area of Tuscany called “Chianti” and in particular the “Chianti Classico” one, with a selection of special wineries and the knowledge of a sommelier that will lead the way in the world of Chianti Wines. Don't miss a typical Tuscan lunch too! 


Explore Tuscany in a Ferrari


Get behind the wheel of the exclusive red convertible Ferrari and drive along with the places you've dreamed of on the breathtaking curves of Tuscany's country roads!


Pizza and gelato making in an ancient cellar


In a Renaissance Villa on the hills of the Chianti wine region immersed in olive groves, you will learn how to make pizza and gelato. In an old-style kitchen, next to the ancient cellar, where beautiful marble tables await you!


Wine tour by bike or Vespa


Discover the amazing Chianti area (and taste some of the best wines!) by bike or with a Vespa!


Explore Siena and San Giminiano by night


Discover the beauties of Siena and San Giminiano and see the sunset on the Tuscan Hills, before enjoying a typical dinner in the Chianti area.


Horsebackriding in an organic farm


Relaxed and easy horseback ride through a scenic landscape made of the typical Tuscan hillside, olive groves and vineyards to then reach a family-run organic farm and winery and given a guided tour of their cellar to learn about the unique processes involved in producing olive oil and Chianti wine.




Day tour experiences to explore the Tuscan countryside are also available from Rome.




 Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, with medieval villages sitting atop hilltops, rolling hills covered in vineyards producing some of the best wines in the world and farmhouses and villas at the end of cypress-lined lanes. You can decide to visit Tuscany in a day or spend more days in a dream accommodation in the countryside, if you want a more relaxing stay at your own pace. Some parts of Tuscany can be reached with public transportation but many of the small villages are not. So a car might be the best option to explore this area.


Here you have some ideas Fantastica Italia can help you plan



San Giminiano
Isola d'Elba
Porto Santo Stefano

Note:  Our itineraries are always customized based on our client's needs and budget so the price varies depending on: type of accommodation (3/4/5 stars hotel, apartment, b&b, etc..); dates, activities, and services included. We work with your dates and budget to create the perfect experience for you! Please contact us for your customized quote.

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